Dane Gonzalez is a designer, kitesurfer and long-time blogger who spent the last 13 years living on the beach on and off. PARADIS SWIMWEAR was finally born after years of taking a break from design, and is inspired by her own life, which she spends between the sunny coasts of Boracay Island, Bali and Marbella.

PARADIS SWIMWEAR is a minimalist chic swim brand that was created for the modern body-positive dreamgirl who is a confident hybrid between sexy and soulful. She lives by her own rules of simplicity and does not follow trends but rather is led by her desire to stay true to her style, while showing off her innate sensuality.

The PARADIS SWIMWEAR dreamgirl marches to the beat of her own drum and is all about spending her time watching the sun set, surfing and sipping wine on beautiful beaches all over the world.

PARADIS SWIMWEAR is designed exclusively by Dane Gonzalez and manufactured in Bali.