#BabesOfParadis / Steph Connolly

#BabesOfParadis / Steph Connolly

Introduce yourself.

My name is Steph, I’m 28 years old and have currently been living in Bali for 4 months! Prior to this I lived and worked in Dubai, running my own business as a private tutor and home schooler, whereas I now tutor every so often and mainly work in Social Media (a HUGE career change for myself!)

Favorite beaches in the world?

My favorite beaches in the world include Secret Beach on Koh Phangan, Thailand & Jumeriah Beach Walk in Dubai - which is the complete opposite to secret beach, its filled with stalls, the most epic view of the Palm Jumeirah and I spent a lot of time training there at an outside gym.

Standard beach drink?

My standard beach drink has got to be a Pina Colada, or a glass of white wine WITH ice. Always.

What would you like to share about your own body confidence journey?

From the age of 14 I struggled with an eating disorder, an addiction to training and pushing my body in such awful ways. When I was in my early 20s I was very self aware of my body being more athletically different compared to my friends, I was also in a very toxic relationship with somebody, along with a toxic relationship with myself. I would often look at myself in the mirror with disgust, and wouldn’t let new partners see me undressed for a long time. After a while I realized that the only person that could help me, was myself.

I began to learn about self worth, began practicing yoga, understanding the fitness methods which I loved and would make me feel good about myself. After a while I realized that for me to allow others into my life, I had to love the person and the woman I had become and was growing into. I realized that if and when I bring children into this world, that they should love every ounce of their soul, something which I hadn’t done for a long time. My confidence began to grow, and since moving to Bali, it has grown beyond belief, I now live my life in minimal clothing and clothing that makes me feel sexy and confident - which often includes bikinis and baggy vintage shirts. With everything that I have put myself through, I now ensure that the women around me are always uplifted and believe in themselves and their bodies.


What is your favorite part of your body and why?

I have two favorite parts of my body…its hard to bring it down to just one!! The first being my shoulders, something which I used to hate about myself. I have very broad shoulders from many years of swimming, something that I used to try and hide (although will still never wear a halter necked top ha!). My shoulders are defined, they are strong and they now allow me and my arms to do numerous full body push ups! YAAAS. The second thing I love, which I probably love the most, are my legs - thighs to be exact. Similar to my shoulders, they are muscular and often larger than most people in a room. I now embrace them, they are powerful and beautiful and I LOVE wearing shorts and anything that shows them off. I train hard, I want it to show on my body, I love it!! Thick thighs save lives! 

Who in the world inspires you to love yourself?

The people who inspire me to love myself are the women around me mainly, the ones who train, who move, who love their lives and who are confident within themselves. Celebs such as Ashley Graham and Iskra are LIFE. BUT the ultimate person who inspires me, is myself. Where I have come from in my life, from the deepest darkest places, to where I am now. I inspire myself to be better, to inspire my future daughters. 

All time favorite life motto?

My all time favorite motto has to be - “To acquire love, fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.” This quote is from The Secret, the most unreal way of thinking!


You can see more of Steph on Instagram at: @steph.connolly

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