#BabesOfParadis / Sabrina Wittner

#BabesOfParadis / Sabrina Wittner

Introduce yourself.

My name is Sabrina, im 23 years old & I live in sunny southern Spain in a little sparkly town called Marbella. I’m a mixed blood love child, half Pinay and half German but my soul is Andaluza!
I love the ocean and everything thats related to it, if I could I would be a mermaid and live under the sea.


Favorite beaches in the world?

I love white beach & Puka beach in Boracay, when I spent my time abroad in the Philippines, I spent almost every day after work at the beach! I will never forget how speechless I was the first time I saw the white powdery sand and the crystal clear waters of that beautiful island.
Bolonia Beach near Tarifa is the most breathtaking beach I’ve been to in Europe. Best time to go is late September/early October! The weather is still nice and the people will have almost disappeared.

Standard beach drink?

That would be white wine or a nice, cold rosé.


What would you like to share about your own body confidence journey?

Growing up in a very small town like Marbella can be very hard on a teenage girl. There will always be someone taller than you, prettier than you and skinnier than you & sometimes they will make sure you know that. I had to deal with a lot of criticism, I always thought I needed to lose weight. A very controlling boyfriend then managed to completely crush my self esteem, by telling me I should eat half the portion, or at least do double the work out sessions. It took me years to heal from those wounds. I used to edit my pictures so much that i made myself look like a complete different person. That was my escape from reality, it almost made me believe I actually looked like that.
Getting rid of the toxic people in my life and surrounding myself with amazing and loving people, becoming even closer with my family and now finally having a man by my side who tells me everyday that he loves everything about me has helped me become the confident woman I am now.
Every now and then I will still struggle, as all of us women sometimes do, but I am in a much better place now and I rock my bikinis without any shame.

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

I don’t really have a favourite part. I think I’ve learned to accept and love everything about my body, from my weird little toe to my freakily small ears. I guess I’m happy my teeth are straight and I do think my eye color can be quite interesting. But then again, everyones eyes are. 


Who in the world inspires you to love yourself?

Thats difficult to answer, theres so so many strong women in my life that inspire me and so so many amazing men in my life!
I would have to start with my mother, who always tells me how stupid I sound when I ask her if I look big in an outfit (she has a very special way of showing love hahah!).
Then theres my amazing sister (Hi Dane!) who has helped me so much because she’s BEEN there just like me and understands how I feel when I go through a little down phase. She makes me feel understood and human.
And my brothers! They were the ones to build me back up after that toxic relationship, them and my best friend (Manu I love you). But sometimes you need a male figure to tell you that not every man out there will use your insecurities against you. And last but not least, the man by my side, my boyfriend! He’ll tell me how beautiful I am even when I have my hair up messy bun, bad skin, eating my ice cream PMS’ing! (Thank you for being you!!)

All time favorite life motto?

"Light attracts light"

You can see more of Sabrina on Instagram at: @sabrina.wii

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