#BabesOfParadis / Andi Eigenmann

#BabesOfParadis / Andi Eigenmann

Introduce yourself.

I’m Andi Eigenmann, recently moved away from the city to become a full time island girl/mermaid.

Favorite beaches in the world?

My favorites would have to be most of the beaches in the Philippines. From Siargao, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, etc! Love your own, hehe 

Standard beach drink?

Water! Or fresh buko juice

What would you like to share about your own body confidence journey?

Being an actress, ive always been in the public eye. And it was very normal for me to hear and read comments from people who scrutinize my body because i was never skinny. Took me so many diet plans and work out routines to realise that i will never be skinny because thats just not how i was meant to be. I stopped obsessing on getting the “perfect” bikini body, instead i chose to be happy and just to take great care of the body i do have.

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

My favorite part about my body are the stretch marks on my stomach, i have them because im a mom and they serve as a good reminder of my strength for times i feel weak 

Who in the world inspires you to love yourself?

My daughter Ellie! 

All time favorite life motto?

Hakuna Matata!


You can see more of Andi on Instagram at: @andieigengirl

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